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Identity Assets and Website Development
• Complete Website Development
• Identity Assets, logos, colors, etc
• SEO expertise to get your business found online

Computer Networks:

• Share files, databases, bookkeeping files, printers and more
• Share calendars and contacts
• Ensure instant access on your LAN for digital x-rays
• Wireless connectivity for peripherals and tablets
• Complete wiring and terminations

PC Support & Tune-Ups:

• Tune your computer to run faster than when you bought it
• Remove spyware and prevent it from returning

Backup & Disaster Recovery

• Utilize 3 tiered backup system with Carbonite or Patterson’s Pattlock for dental offices
• RAID 1 Mirrored drive on server
• Incremental Backup on External Harddrive
• Incremental Backup on Cloud On and Offsite backup systems
• Disaster recovery

Dental and Orthodontic Support:

• We have extensive experience supporting your Dental or Orthodontic practice
• We work closely with Patterson in the setting up and maintenance of your electronic assets
• Experienced with new office planning and installations

Broadband Internet & Wireless:

• We will determine the most cost effective high-speed Internet solution for your business
• We will install wi-fi high-speed Internet access in your office
• Secure your network from others

IT Consulting:

• Help you find the right solution for your IT needs
• You tell us what you need and we’ll find right the technology for you

Office Relocations:

• Help you decide on data and voice provider
• Plan for cabling and power needs
• Equipment setup
• Service Availability Analysis
• Service Relocation Management
• Phone Line or Data Circuit Additions

New Business Setup

• Identity Assets and Website Development
• We give you all you need to get your business off the ground
• New network, server, desktop/workstation, laptops
• Remote Access – Work from home
• New Phone and Data Service

Installation & Support:

Software packages commonly supported

• Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Server 2008/ Server 2012
• Microsoft IIS; Apache
• Microsoft Office, Symantec and Kaspersky AntiVirus

IT Projects:

• Software and Hardware Projects managed
• System-wide audits and upgrades

Purchase advice:

• Assess your needs and find the right system
• Help you find the best price

Remote Support:

• To save travel time costs we can support your systems remotely
• We support the following technologies:
• Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, VNC, GoToMyPC, PC Anywhere, WebEx

Server Planning & Installation:

• Help you find the right software and hardware for your size
• Setup and maintain servers in a networked environment
• Active Directory and Domain Controllers