We do some good work, so we consider ourselves talented.

Why Ascent Information Management?

First, Ascent Information Management believes that customer satisfaction is paramount. In order to achieve this, all steps of the process are explained and the customer is an integral part of the decision-making process. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement because we can intimately understand your goals and needs while you can educate us on your vision. The talent at Ascent Information Management also has a knack for translating the technical jargon into language that customers can understand coupled with explaining how things work without going over a customer’s head. This ability to convey what is happening or what needs to happen is something that sets us apart.

Websites are more than aesthetics. They need to be logically organized with consistent navigation on each page. Web sites need to be cross-browser compatible where they perform and look the same whether your users view it from a PC or a Mac or a different web browser than Internet Explorer. A successful website deployment entails detailed SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work to get them to hit at the top of searches. And the website statistics need to be monitored, where they can be tweaked where underperforming. Ascent has extensive experience with SEO with the sites they’ve built. Their collective experience includes reestablishing a website on Google that was banned from their search results because of practices that violated Google’s terms and conditions. The big consideration in today’s market is that websites need to be accessible from the smart devices like Androids and Apple’s iOS offerings. Our websites are more than aesthetics; they function properly, are properly designed for ease of use and consistently achieve high placement on search engines, all of which translates to improving your bottom line.

What are we doing here?

Dr. Melanie Cowan and her husband Bobby reopened a dental practice in 2010. This small practice was turnkey and perfect for them to get started with. The agreement upon opening was that Melanie would do the dentistry and Bobby would run the business end of it. In the five years since it opened, gross revenues have tripled and a new, larger facility was built.

Bobby Cowan has been in IT for 15 years and specifically, systems analytics, web application development, database administration and website development over the last decade.

The small practice did not have a single computer when it was first reopened. Within 2 months, there were 4 PC’s on a small LAN running Eaglesoft. Two Years later came the upgrade to digital x-rays and the office going paperless. A new server was spun up and several more PC’s added to the network. The small 3 op practice did not have enough space to handle the patient demand, so the Cowan’s purchased a 3500 sq. ft. vacant building and remodeled it into the current offices of Shiner Dental.

This remodel also included new equipment, a new network, a migration of some existing IT assets from the old building along with adding several more. All of the new ops were outfitted with new PC’s which were configured to run in ADEC 12 o’clock cabinets. All of the peripherals like the intra-oral cameras and X-ray sensors had to be installed. New scanners and individual printers for printing prescriptions and appointment cards were added.

Bobby coupled with some help from Patterson and some colleagues were able to bring the new office and its new technology to life. Today, Bobby still runs the business operations and is the sole IT provider for Shiner Dental.

With this experience, Bobby Cowan wondered if there were other dentists and staff that needed IT support. After conversations with Patterson representatives and some of his wife’s colleagues, he determined there was a need for someone to serve this market. Bobby feels that the expertise he has garnered over his 15 years in IT and over the last 5 years working in his wife’s office uniquely qualify him to offer his services to dental offices in and around Shiner, Texas.

The Talent

Bobby Cowan is an IT professional that has been fortunate to work in a broad spectrum of IT related areas and he brings that expertise along with the expertise of his retained colleagues to ensure customer satisfaction and a job done right.